Signs Your Mouth Gives When You May Need A Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the name of the painless procedure that is used for cleaning out the infection and decay from the inside of a tooth. The human teeth are made up of 3 layers,Signs Your Mouth Gives When You May Need A Root Canal Treatment Articles enamel, dentin, and pulp. When an infection gets to the inside of a tooth and in the pulp, the result is often inflammation and sharp pain that extends to the bone of the jaw itself. This is because the nerve that runs from the inside of the tooth and through the jaw bone is a part of the pulp of a tooth.

What to Know About Root Canal Treatment in Airdrie | Yankee Valley Dental  Clinic

Root Canal Treatment or RCT clears out the decayed pulp from the inside of a tooth in order to provide immediate relief from the pain. But how can one know that they need a root canal? Are there are sure and tell-tale signs that can confirm it? Or at least point towards getting an appointment for a check-up from a dentist? Turns out, there are sure signs. Have a look at these.

What Are Some Symptoms that mean you Need a Root Canal?


Pain: Pain is always one of the most telltale signs that you need a root canal treatment. This pain can be persistent or recurring over time, can be in the jaw or concentrated over an area on the face. No matter the reason behind the pain, it is always a good thing to do to see a dentist in the case of toothache. Diagnosing a condition early can go a long way in preventing the serious damage it may cause.


Sensitivity: Sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages is also often a telltale sign of the damage of an infection reaching the roots of a tooth. If the pain especially lingers for an amount of time even after you have stopped eating or drinking, it may mean that the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth are severely damaged.


Discoloured Tooth: Infection inside the pulp of a tooth can cause discolouration in the tooth, turning it almost greyish in appearance. Tooth pulp can die in the event of a lack of blood flow, which causes this discolouration, which means that it is important to get a root canal treatment.


Swelling in Gums: The gums are often good indicators of oral health issues in a person. In case of swelling that comes and goes with time, there may be a need to check with a dentist. Gum swelling can be caused by acidic waste produced by a decaying or dead pulp. Tenderness, swelling, gum boils, and pus-filled abscesses in the gum may mean that there is a need for a root canal.


Pain upon touching or under slight pressure: If simple touching, eating, or even the slightest of pressure can cause pain in a tooth that does not go away, it may be a sign of serious nerve damage or pulp decay in the tooth.


Chipping, cracking, or injury: If you have 根管治療價錢 ever chipped, broken, or injured a tooth, it can lead the bacteria in and become the cause of an infection. Even if there is no chipping or cracking, an injury can still damage the nerves of a tooth, causing pain and sensitivity because of inflammation, which also requires a root canal.


Loose Teeth: An infected tooth often becomes loose. The acidic waste can weaken the bone that holds a tooth in place and the root of the tooth as well. This causes the mobility of a tooth that is often seen as a loose tooth. In such a scenario, a root canal may be needed.

Often a lot of these signs may be a cause of something else as well. Only a dentist will be able to tell the right cause of a problem for sure. But if you have a problem that may need a root canal treatment, waiting may cost you more than you think. If any of these signs exist and persist in you or someone you know, consult a dentist immediately for instant results.